Farewell okcya, welcome in mlwhisper!

Sun 7th Feb 2016 - 9:18am : Dota2

After standing in for some games Miska 'mlwhisper' Koistinen can finally be announced as the new position 1 player for our Dota2 Team. He is replacing Niklas 'okcya' Koskinen in the squad and this also means that Joni 'Buugi' Fält is transitioning back to the support role.

Although okcya is a skilled player and did bring some new insights, the team was not progressing and so they made the conclusion that something had to be changed which resulted into the decision for the rosterchange in combination with changes in the roles of the players.

The whole Team and the STARK Management wants to thank Niklas for his efforts during the last months and wishes him all the best for the future.

We close this announcement with a few words from Matti 'Laged' Parkkila, Manager of the Dota2 Team:

"We have been through a lot during the last few months as a team. We have lost matches we shouldn't have lost, failed to succeed in tournaments we were expecting to win. Some changes are needed to get where we want to be. Replacing okcya with mlwhisper was a tough decision - one that was needed for the team to find a new path for improving. I wish the best for okcya in the future - and I'm expecting to see some great plays from mlwhisper with STARK."

Dont forget: The roster is on the move tonight in a game versus Mamas Boys so remember to tune in and cheer the squad forward!



Arto Pärssinen

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